Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Times, they are a-changin'

I have been a lousy blogger. I decided it was time to change things up, and my new goal is at least one blog post a week. The topics might be random, depending on what is currently inspiring (or irking) me.

Let me introduce my Trusty Sidekicks:
Loki and Pinky, on the lookout
Loki and Pinky are my faithful running buddies, kale stem disposals, and floor cleaners. For good measure, here is a picture of them being cute and cuddly.

My goals for this blog are to talk about running, about awesome vegan food (recipes, reviews), and interesting things related to the environment. Yes, this is a broad range, but I think I can tie them together a little bit. ;)

I know I don't have many (any?) readers, but if you're out there - what would you like to read about? Do you want vegan recipes that will satisfy a marathoner? Training and race updates, or advice I come across? Book reviews? More cute pictures of my dogs? Environmental news? Do tell!

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