Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inspiration for your Tuesday

I guess I am on an inspirational kick. Maybe I just need all the inspirational wisdom I can get right now. Regardless, I've been enjoying this blog, and this is an excellent post that I think applies to EVERYTHING in life, so check it out:

This is Pinky, trusty sidekick #2, after a 14 mile run:

Even so, I think she would've been up for longer. Perhaps this spring we'll get a chance to test the theory.

Also, I am about to run my third marathon this weekend. You would think by now I would be past any anxieties, but I never fail to get butterflies leading up to a race. It does not seem to matter that I'm not racing for a place on the podium, just for fun and to hopefully beat my time from last year. If you're out and about in Philadelphia on Sunday morning, please cheer for all of us runners. We'll be very grateful for the support!

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