Thursday, September 17, 2009

It begins

After lots of input from my hubby and friend there is finally a blog title for this idea that has been percolating for awhile - Grub Gone Veg. Thanks to my friend for the cute and clever title!

The goal here is to chronicle some of my adventures - and possibly some misadventures - in making over foods that traditionally contain meat into tasty, vegetarian verions. My meat-loving husband subsists mostly on these dishes, so maybe he will offer up his comments on these to share with anyone who is on the fence about the whole idea of meatless meals. I still use and eat dairy products like butter, as well as eggs and honey so these recipes are not intended to be vegan. The idea is that anyone could enjoy these, even non-vegetarians just wanting to have a meatless meal. I love cooking and eating and like to change things up, so hopefully I will have lots of fun stuff to share!

In the spirit of credit where credit is due, I am inspired by many cookbooks as well as cooking blogs. I will try to profile a few of my favorite vegetarian/veg-friendly cookbooks along the way. Chief among the food-related blogs I enjoy are 101Cookbooks (which is vegetarian), Vanilla Garlic (which wonderfully combines snark with food commentary/recipes, though not all vegetarian), and Wasted Food. The last is a good inspiration and reminder about how precious a resource food is, and that we should be conscious of our purchasing and use habits and do everything we can to reduce the waste. Maybe I'll discuss more on that some other time (like with a clean-out-the-fridge recipe). The first recipe post will follow shortly, I promise!

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