Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inspirational Reading for Your Snow Day

If you're in the area getting hit by Winter Storm Pax: happy snow day! If not, I hope you're enjoying warmer weather and clear, ice and snow-free streets and sidewalks. I enjoyed my snow day by catching up on some sleep and making pancakes and tempeh bacon for brunch. Yum!

Sometimes the cold dark days of winter get me down a little, and I need a little inspiration. I shared some of blogger James Clear's work before, and now I want to share from another blog I enjoy: this awesome post from Nerd Fitness. This one definitely hit home for me. I am absolutely one of those people that feels the need to finish what I started, whether it's still enjoyable or not. Sometimes it is important, sometimes it isn't.

Enjoy! Come back and tell me how you're going to work on "leveling up".

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